Sing from the don't have to be the best, but if you've touched someone's heart and soul then it was worth the effort.”

— Michelle Metevier


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Rank #3 01/16/2018

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Rank #4 3/01/2017

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Reverbnation Crowd Review

"The electronic sounds of this melody is an interesting sound, which I didn't particularly like because I found it harsh.I did however, enjoy the singer's delivery. Her voice is very high pitch which at times risked sounding screechy, but, somehow it was ideal for this arrangement. Overall, I did enjoy the listening experience, but by the end I felt that the track had definitely run its course. Nice melody delivered by an accomplished singer.  " - Anonymous, Crowd Review

"The intro is interesting and although it does not go with the tone of the song it matches the artist voice very well. Her ability to sing to quickly and eloquently is what i like the most. The beat and tone of the song is kind of boring and is not as exiting as a song should be. I do not understand the lyrics." - Anonymous, Crowd Review

"The vocals in this piece of music are nice to listen to, the vocalist has a good and very clear voice which helps. The production team has done a done a good job with this piece of music I really like the way it fades inbetween the different parts." -Anonymous,Crowd Review

"Very strong introduction to the song, it's interesting and original. As soon as the voice comes in it reinforces the original sound of the overall track because the vocals are strong and interesting. Lyrically I like how creative and unique they are. Instrumentally I'm a fan of the background beat as it's what people will dance to. The track has been mixed well and could go far." - Anonymous, Crowd Review

"the start with techno makes it sound good and the relation with a butterfly makes me have a feel of reassurance because its seems to be pointed at helping people.the use of an organ in the back makes it mix real well during the chorus." - Anonymous, Crowd Review

"some very good opening vocals that argumentatively could use a harmony. this is matched by the very well-chosen instruments and sounds throughout the has a good overall production that however lack some different rhythms and harmonies and more complex uses of bass and rhythm." - Anonymous, Crowd Review

"What a cute little voice. Very different type of voice.. At first I didnt think this music or voice was interesting. Boy was I wrong. She has a beautiful voice and the instrumentals are really soothing. Kind of sounds like Asian music. Really neat tempo." - Anonymous, Crowd Review

"The vocals sound very clean and on key. The womans voice is perfect for singing. The track has a good calm easy rhythm to it. The samples used are nicely chosen and is good radio / album quality. The lyrics are very meaningful like as if she wants to pick me up when im down." - Anonymous, Crowd Review

"I really feel the beat of the song in my ears! You can totally become obsessed with music like this just by listening to it! I really am loving the beat of the song as it really catches your attention! The harmony of the song was so good!  " - Anonymous, Crowd Review

"this beat is too emotional for me weird topic of discussion on this specific track i don't like or understand what in the world it's talking about but the artist has one hell of a voice ,beautiful vocals wish i could sing like this musician ." -Anonymous, Crowd Review

"The music is great its made the mood fantastic the sound sticking to your ear. The vocals are great taking high notes and hitting the low notes excellently making a good song.  The instrumental if very uplifting, but the words and lyrics combination is easily to recognize." - Anonymous, Crowd Review

"The intro was exciting and beautiful.  The vocals and melody were trendy, gentle and melodious. The harmony was rhythmic and makes you happy and willing to listen more to the song. The duration of the song was perfect and the tempo best suited it.  I love this song I think it will go along way to be popular." - Anonymous, Crowd Review

"Pure music and your voice is very beautiful and talented and my voice which I am very comfortable and quiet, and I tell you that you are in this imaginative tune and sing with a beautiful voice and very pure and this was all I want to say thank you. "-  Anonymous, Crowd Review

"Good song to hear at all.   It is interesting and all lyrics of it feat it well.  Middle vocal is different from first one which gives it more potential.  Artist vocal and instrumental sound is well.  Good classic type is also found, broadcast also available this song on radio. production is well." - Anonymous, Crowd Review

"The base is very good.  I like the basedrop followed with the female vocals. The Piano and the drums fit really well witht he style of the song.  The words are very well producted.  The techno in the backround is very good. This could be used at a party.  It puts me in a very good mood. I would give this very good song a 8/10." - Anonymous, Crowd Review

"An eerie instrumental introduction sets the tone to this spine chilling song.  Plucked strings keep you constantly on edge.  Not what I'd call 'easy listening' but as a musician I appreciate the musicianship. Vocalist has an impressive top vocal range and despite not being able to hold these notes for long this adds a lovely vulnerable quality to the music. A good example of how less is more keeping the composition limited to a small number of instrument parts which makes the end stand out more when vocal layering is used. I didn't know how I felt at the start but by the end I loved it!" -  Anonymous, Crowd Review   

Tunecore Crowd Review

 Rating: 10

This is a peaceful melody that sounds amazing, if you could cram a few more lyrics in there it would be better, but it is still really impressive. I give this song a million out of ten. It is wonderful.  It is a unique song.  Beautiful.

Rating: 9
Perfect length song, with a great introduction. The piano was really nice and mellow. The artist voice was amazing like an angels really expert. This singers voice was so unique and not original in any way which was interesting. The lyrics were so clear to hear because of the artist which is a massive pro. The instruments kept on time throughout. The production was expert and perfectly put together. I will definitely listen to this again a lovely song.

Rating: 9
The beat and rhythm were great and the singer had an interesting and unique voice. The lyrics were good and i liked them. The whole song was slow but nice sounding as well. I thought it was a calm and smooth sounding song that was great.  The mix is really good.  Sounds like a love song.  Really good lyrics. Take out the harmony and I think it will sound better.  Change up the music when you go to the chorus part to make it more interesting.  Overall good music.  Make a final mix and it will be perfect.

Rating: 8
Melody in the introduction are great, Vocal of the singer is excellent. She has a great control for her pitch. Instrumental has slow pacing but it keep synchronize with the melody and tempo. Lyrics are well made. Production are planned well. Artist must engage to higher pitch. 8/10 

Rating: 8
Mellow is how i would describe the song from the introduction to the smooth vocals. this type of song is really nice although the vocals are a be quit and kind of seem like humming, but other then that the instrumental and melody is great. 

Rating: 8
The intro is a gentle beat. The vocals are light hearted. The instruments help send a message of love. I like the emotion in the song.  I like the strength in the words. The song makes me miss someone I once loved. I can see this song playing in remembrance of someone. 

Rating: 7

Vocalist gives off an old times type of vibe. Good song for a elegant dance or a big ball. Could be played in a wedding. Decent beat. Really good lyrics gets you into the song and the feels. Including emotions. I would rate this a good 

Rating: 7

This is a really good song because it brings a lot of home into this track for the lady for when she gets her memory's for a while and the background sound of this track is on point with the lyrics it's self and the attitude. 

Rating: 7
This song's beginning is melodious and inviting to listen to with its smooth-flowing synchronicity and backbeat that holds it together, and the vocals add more definitive style with their unique sound. I like the gentleness in the tempo and softness of the female lead singer's voice, though the song could perhaps vary more widely in the emotion conveyed and the overall energy. It begins to sound consistently mellow and in need of a change in direction to balance it out and better expand upon its style.


Rating: 6

Really nice music to sit and relax on, conscious song it has something to tell artist got potential to do better music but it was ok the instruments play well the drums played well there is room for improvement so hopefully i here better music.

Rating: 6
I like the instrumentation in the background it is pretty good the vocals are pretty good too and this is a very talented singer but sometimes it is hard to hear them. The lyrics are also a bit hard to understand which doesn't make the song that good.

Rating: 6:

I will say that i really think that this track sounds a bit boring, because of the very slow tempo combined with the basic note structure. The voice of the singer has no emotion but she has a nice tone and she sounds good enough for me from the 90s era.

Rating: 5
Instrumental is very slow and well arranged in my opinion . This really works well with the artist lyrics and vocals . Lyrics where very heart warming and inspiring which adds to the commercial value of the song . Over production show a lot of maturity which is guaranteed to yield profit in the future

Rating: 5

You have a very pretty voice and you sing good. This puts me in mind of indie music. Its so hipster and that's a poplar croud for music listening. They would like this type of song and sound. It is pretty sounding, I do agree. 

Rating: 5

The introductions is inspiring and captive . The vocals are tuneful and well managed . The lyrics are warm and romantic . The instruments arrangement is well balanced . The artist is deep and confident . Overall, the song is quietly heartfelt and sweet and might have a good success after being sold. 

Rating: 5
This song has a very soft and calming tone to it. It would be a nice song to listen to if you need to relax and unwind. At points during the song the vocals get lost in the beat and draws away from the lyrics. 



Reverbnation Crowd Review

“Very soothing and heartfelt vocal performance here especially for some meaningful lyrics that are easy to follow and understand. The vocals are the strong point of this song as the instrumentals are very subtle and basic. The two singers are melodious and listening them is soothing and peaceful.”

“Her voice is lovely, while the melody and piano sound like a preset from a 90s beginners keyboard. If the composition of the melody was of better quality then it would do wonders to complement and build the potential of the singer's voice. Other than that, it is a well-structured song.”

“The intro is as elegant as it gets. The vocals are relaxed. The instruments help to express the feeling in this song. I like the change of pace with this song. The song makes me feel like I'm flying. I can see this song playing in my house and slow dancing to it with my significant other. ” 

“This song is very chilling. I got a good vibe while listening. I could also relate to her and her amazing voice. the artist was amazing and her track is very good and calming. i could listen to this track weather im driving in my car or just laying in bed ”

“i think the instrumentals can use a little more intensity the singers voice i beautiful and she hits the proper notes for the song!! i believe the song is a little bit long but its also a very good story. which is why i give it a 7 out of 10”

“This seems like a very relaxing and a song I would go to sleep with. The voice in this song is very nice. I usually like songs that dont have a alot of hardcore stuff such as huge bass. This song is a perfect song for people who like the chill out and live in harmony! I rate this song 7/10!”

“The intro reminds me of some of my favorite styles of music. The pace is just about perfect. The vocals that follow are really nice, and that voice is just about perfect. I love the lyrics. I could literally listen to this on repeat for hours. the timing is just about perfect, and rhythm is exceptional. ”

“A pretty flowing intro brings you into this sweet song. The simple clear folksy speak singing female vocal is perfect for this song. The background voices work well until long phrases singing together. The only suggestion I'd have to make this even better is to take out the same loop of drums (and the repeated note that plays above the song before the three minute mark, and the background vocal at 3:45ish) or maybe try to make them quieter. They throw off an otherwise pleasant song. Simple mixing volumes will make this a beautiful song”


“The music with piano and drums sounded very good. The piano is so perfect it calms me perfectly. The singer has got sweet voice and she sings this from her heart. The song can be listened anytime and even when working as the pace is slow and singing is very sweet. The lyrics are good too. ”

“The vocals are beautiful and the piano in the background works well with the vocals and the lyrics a awesome and it's classic and drums are well played same with the piano and It's a bit long but that is fine because it has been ”
“I like how the drums sounds in this intro. The strings and the pianos sounds incredible when they play together. The hi hats are just right. But also what I like about this song is the vocals, she sounds incredible and she sings very well. Her voice drags the voice. But I do not like when she sings the chorus because it is not good. The background vocals needs more work. The production of this song sounds very amateur. The kick drums in the song is needs more EQ and compression to be satisfactory. She is talking about the loyalty her man has for her and how good it makes her feel to be with him. ”

“My first impression was good, really good. But then I noticed some issues. Anyone who made mix and astering for you dragged you into "loudness war" - compression is important, but making whole mix too loud makes song sounds hard without any nice to ears softness. There is no deep in this song sound. Especially hi-hat is too loud. Think about it. Piano line from chorus is too similar to vocal line. Sometimes such solution works nice but sometimes - like in this case - it gives sensation of bad composition. Same thing with back vocal after chorus - generally it is a good idea, but here it doesn't work for me. And these repeats of words in the end - get rid of them. Despite these points whole track is nice to hear. Keep on working.”

“The synth sounds made this song sound a little dated, it reminded me of 70's pop songs that start with the same sounds. The singers voice is beautiful and has a nice country element to it which sounds so majestic. The drum in the background gives the song a good beat.” 

“The production is perfect and the Instrumental sounds great. First up this song has a soothing melody. the female vocals fit the song perfectly and sound great! I think this song needs a few more upbeat moments as it does sound very similar throughout. I can imagine myself listening to this song while driving or relaxing in any situation. I score this song a solid 8/10 as it is only missing upbeat moments but apart from that it is actually near on perfect. You can definitely consider me a fan!” 

“The music is nice and the piano sounds good. You might not need the drum in the first half of the verses. The lyrics are not bad and the melody has a nice gentle quality. It needs to be better produced, but it has some good qualities. The singing is good.” 

“I like the smooth piano intro. The lady has a pleasant enough voice. The lyrics are warm and heartfelt too. The melody is soft, laid back and soothing. This song helps you to unwind and relax, I would listen to this song before going to bed to help me sleep.” 

“I did not like the intro of the song. It is too long and boring. The song has a very melodic tone with good digital effects. The lyrics are very interesting. The singer performed the song with very high confidence and perfection. The bass is very attractive and perfectly complements the heartfelt vocals of the song.” 

“Her voice is decent enough for you to listen to. The lyrics are very heartfelt and meaningful. It's very slow but that's obviously the point of the song. Maybe less drums in the background, it makes it seem a little more upbeat than it is. Other than that its pretty good.”

“The vocals sound a bit amateur. However, a lot of potential. The music is very basic however. Overall, I give a B-. It seems to be missing an aspect to it, though. Memories stay tonight. Very slow and very monotone-ish. I would recommend though. Great” 

“The intro starts off with a nice piano melody then comes a woman with slow vocals which fit with the slow paced rhythm. This song has a nice soothing feel, good for relaxing and enjoying the song. the performance throughout the song was very nice. The vocal tone suit the melody and rhythm of the song. Overall I think this song is good enough for commercial use.”


Tunecore Crowd Review

May 17, 2017

Has a sort of 80's ballad vibe at the beginning. I really like the rolling guitars at the start, the melody is really cool. The vocals are very cool and different, they create interest. The piano track under the vocals in the verse is a bit repetitive. It's a cool slow ballad.     7

I really like the guitar and tune of this song. it is very catchy and doesn't overlap. The singer is not that bad either. She has such a nice pure voice and i don't really think it fits the song that much but she is very good.  10

Nice introduction. Very 1980s, classic rock vibes. Vocals are ok but not really my taste. I appreciate the use of the classic instruments. It is too slow for me and somewhat boring lol. Ive only listened to 2 mins of it and I don't like it. Still appreciate it though.  5

I really enjoy this introduction, especially with the halftime feel in the percussion parts. The guitar part seems to just be soulfully singing, really giving the piece relaxed vibe. I don't feel like the vocalists voice fits with this relaxed style since it is so high pitched, I would suggest her singing the verses under an octave. The chorus is a really nice feature of the track, especially with the use of the background brass instruments.  6

I love the old school sound of the instrumentals. The song has a very relaxed sound that is captivating. The instrumentals are powerful and have a clean sound. The vocals are not as impressive and the high pitched sound does not fit the instrumentals. The lyrics are a little word heavy and do not flow well.  6

the instrument in the beginning was just can see that the artist is trying to sing. her voice is amazing but I could really understand her but the song was great.over all the singer did a really good job singing the song with was really appreciated.  7

The slow and steady drum beat in the intro is good as the electric guitar takes a principal role in the song. The atmosphere is strong as the female vocals enter and provide an interesting contrast with the heavier feel of the drums and guitar. The chorus adds and improves the song with its warm backing chords and drum beat.  6

the song has a smooth start and the instrumentals are smooth and calm. the vocals are also very smooth and calming. This is a song that i would slow dance to. The words and the way they are spoken fit perfectly with the beat of the song. I enjoyed this song very much and i loved it.  10

I loved the progressive and slow way this song begins, it makes you feel so in peace, so relaxed and confortable due its kind tone that you stay listenning untill it finishes. Instrumentally talking, the electric guitar adds so much feeling to the song that even the singer get inspired and starts to performing better. I loved the lyrics too, because they are really well made and originaly fresh

I can feel a 80s power ballad coming on. The lead vocalist has a very high pitches voice which can be a little nasally at times, though this can suit the timid rock number. The instrumentals need to be released a little more. The band is clearly talented, I'd just like to hear them let go. This is a quite a timid love song compared to what you expect from a power ballad but hey, I still want sway my lighter in the air.  6

The instruments sound really good. I like the beat. The lady's voice is very different but awkwardly enough I think it's working for this song. Not the best vocal abilities but I do like how unique she sound. The production of this song is good.  9

This song opens nicely but the lead melody is a little cheesy sounding. I found the verse very hard to understand what the singer was saying but I found her voice very interesting. It got so much easier to hear her at about one minute and fifteen in. She has a delicious voice, incredibly unique. The production quality is good from this artist but I have to say if the verse was anywhere near as good as the chorus, this would be brilliant.  7

This music is very calm, relaxed and smooth. It is funny how the singer's voice sounded like a little child and that made the music very sweet to the ears. The instruments sounded like a cool jazz. The singer is very creative. The music is very very interesting from start to finish.  10

The intro where the guitar plays is so smooth, it gives me the feeling to want it and listen to it more. Although the vocals start so weak and not well sync with the accompaniment. It suddenly gave the big impact when some melody goes by in some part of the chorus. It is slow and gives the sad emotion. You can feel the passion of the artist, the clearness of the way he sings. She has great potential. If she will be given and arrange some great songs. It will be a great help with her. You did well.7

The introduction of the song is powerful and the instruments are in unison. The base is rich and strong. The guitars are colourful. The percussions add sharpness to the melody. The slow tempo is perfect. There's a difference between the verses and chorus(that is good). The singer has a pretty voice, supported well by the backing vocalists.  7

I like the slow vibe to the beginning of the song. The voice doesn't even sound talented at all but sounds so unique. I love it! The whole vibe to the song is really nice and could be so fun to chill-ly dance to it. I like this song a lot. Very unique singer.  8

Really strong intro with a great little guitar solo and keyboard playing. For the main track the percussion sounds good and clear and sets a good steady beat. The keyboards continue to play a strong melody and both the piano tune and the more sustained melody from the synthesizer sound good. The track is relaxing to listen to. For the vocalist I thougt that the singer has a good high toned voice and for the most part sings well and with passion, though occasionally on some of the more sustained higher notes ii thought that she lost the tuning a little. The guitar playing and sound at the start was the best part of the instrumentation for me, I think that this should have been used again in the track perhaps for a solo. The production was good, clear and well mixed.  6

Interesting intro quite melody however brings in the music on a attention. the vocals are a bit different but blends in on the musice. the tuning is great the break in the song is great the instruments are amazing they are great choice for the song. the production is good very good.  9


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