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Michelle Metevier (Mee-shel Muh-teev-yair)(July 15) is an International Recording Artist/ Filipina-American Singer,  born in San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte, Philippines.  She is known to have a Unique voice and Style as most people call her to be very passionate when she sings. Musically, Metevier is a Pop, Asian Pop, Country, Contemporary Artist. Her debut single A Treasured Memory was released in 2010 which made her famous in Europe and Asia. She also became famous on Myspace and built her fanbase, then took a break from music and deleted her account. Currently, she is a ReverbNation Artist, Locally Rank #1, Regionally  Rank #31, Nationally Rank #183 and Globally Rank #274.





Michelle Metevier
Birthname               Michelle Manligas 
Birthdate                 July 15
Birthplace               Philippines
Residence              Orange, California,  
                                 United States
Other names           Michelle Metevier
                                      Chellie Rose

Occupation             *Singer* Songwriter*   
                                 Music Coach*  
                                 Promoter* Nurse
Years active            2010-present
Hometown              Orange, California,
                                 United States
Partner                    Alby Metevier 
                                 ( 2010     –present  )
Children                  Mark,  Charlize
Website                   michellemetevier.net    

Michelle Metevier was born in San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte, Philippines and given by the name of Michelle Manligas Guillermo. She is an only child. She has been singing early on in life. She used to sing with her mother and first performed with her uncle's band at age of 3, singing "Pearly Shells". She was involved in choir and theaters. She won awards and medals competing Declamation Contest against other Catholic schools throughout Ilocos Norte.

Michelle Metevier performed in Laoag City radio stations and did singing competitions. She also performed during the San Nicolas Festival by participating in folk dances and doing "solo" performances with over twenty-thousands audience during the Miss San Nicolas Beauty Pageants yearly since Fifth Grade. She continued to perform,  including fund raisings in College. She was born to entertain whether in a crowd or around family, relatives, and friends... She was in the "Tawag Nang Tanghalan USA" a singing competition in [5] Channel 18 in 1989 and 1990. She performs to special and public events and programs internationally and locally. Her goal is to be able to perform in wide range of audience, but most importantly to be able to perform in various schools to promote "Love and Peace" and "Stop Bullying". She has a big heart and believes that children come first because they are the future. They deserve to be loved, cared for and nurtured. She loves people of all ages, especially admire those who try to make this world a better place. She performed in Santa Ana College and other schools and church festivals.  .

Metevier, also known as Chellie Rose, released her first single "A Treasured Memory" in 2010. She later changed her stage name to Michelle Metevier in March 2011. Metevier took a break from her music and deleted her Myspace and Reverbnation Accounts took down all her music from iTunes. She decided to have her music remixed and remastered her tracks. In 2015, she released her second single "Angel Butterfly" remastered by Aftermasters.com  in iTunes and was in the top 95 in Spotify for the first month. She is currently a Reverbnation Artist and Rank #1 in Reverbnation - Pop in Orange County, California and Rank #31 in California. Metevier is managed by MGM Management and her music is being produced by her fiancé Alby Metevier. Metevier just recently re-released her song "A Treasured Memory" in June 2016.   She released "Reflections of Love EP Album" on February 4, 2017 and available worldwide.  Michelle just recently  released her album  Reflections of Faith    on March 24, 2018 and released worldwide through iTunes on April 1, 2018.