The tragedy in Las Vegas can happen anywhere, talk to your family and friends. When you talk to people be aware of the words they say because that could help you save lives. Report anything that you see that is not normal. When you go out and you are in a crowded place, beware of your surroundings and always think of a plan and know where the exits. We  talk to our daughter scenarios all the time for her safety. Just like in school they talk about Danger and not talk to strangers, look before you cross the street, etc. We know that we can't be there for her all the time to watch over her, so we often talk to her and remind her over and over about anything. We know it works because sometimes when she comes home and we talk about school, she tells me that she is grateful that we talked about things because it does help her in school. We talk about anything from News, Health, Life, Science, History, Technology and more. You have to talk to your children no matter how busy you are. Keep an open conversation and when they come to you, remember you might not have all the answers, it's alright to say that you have no clue and you both do the research. They will remember the things you teach them. Teach them to be kind, caring, compassionate, respect others and those qualities will help them in the future. Remember, our children are the future, so we need to take care of them and nurture them. So, they will grow up to be law abiding citizens and be great leaders. Our world is getting worse, so we need to teach them the harsh life and cruelty we are facing. Children are very perceptive and they will learn from parents, and elders, so be loving and caring to  your children. We can't protect them always, so you have to prepare them to any kind of situation. Stay safe and strong. Let's keep our children happy and believe in a better future... The sight of our daughter smiling gives us  hope and faith for the future. Love and peace to all.

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