The day her daughter, Charlize was born, Michelle already knew that she would probably have some complications.  She had an emergency caesarean section six weeks early because of preeclampsia.   Her daughter was born 4 lbs. and 15 ounces and was jaundiced, so they had to put her on light therapy.   A couple weeks later, the whole family had some cough and cold that Charlize caught it too.  For small children when the lungs are not fully developed it's worst for them.   

She had gone to the doctor for check-ups to make sure she was alright, but her primary physician told her to just give her cough medicine and Tylenol.   By then, Michelle had taken her several times to the doctor, but still the same.  She decided to take her to the urgent care at Fountain Valley Hospital. She was there for eight hours and had not been seen by the nurses or doctor yet.  So, she decided to take her daughter home since there were too many sick people in the urgent care. 

As a mother, she was so worried about her daughter that she went back early the next morning to try again.   They finally saw Charlize and told her that she needed to be admitted because of respiratory problems.  Michelle told the doctor the day before that Charlize needed to be seen priority since she was prematurely born and her fever was 101.8 temperature.  But, they kept telling her that they had to take care of people with cardiac problems.   She told the urgent care staff that cardiac and pulmonary go hand in hand, so they should see her especially she was just a newborn, but they ignored her.   Of course, Michelle was upset and worried about her daughter.  Charlize ended up having Pneumonia, RSV (Respiratory Syncitial Virus) — which have lead her having Asthma in her early years —, and Sepsis.   She was in life threatening condition that she ended up in the Neonatal ICU for six days.  She was in respiratory machine, routine IV fluids/Antibiotics, routine breathing treatment, and suctioning.  It was a devastating sight for such a little Angel with all the machines hooked up on her.  She was getting blood from her heal several times a day that she had phobia whenever it was touched.   Charlize was in the hospital for nine days, continued a weekly visitation to the doctor, had routine breathing treatment, and respiratory medications until she was four years old.  She had to be seen by the pulmonary specialist every month.  At five years old, her lungs were better and only used Albuterol puff when needed.  So, Michelle's advise to parents is to listen to your instinct when comes to your children and be aggressive if need be for your children's health and safety.  

Michelle always wanted to have a little girl, but for some reason it took so many years and 19 years gap between her son, Mark and her daughter.  When she had Charlize, she always embraced her as a Miracle and a Gift from God.   She prayed for her recovery and seldom left her sight.  Miracle was written for her and for those Organ Donors and Recipients because they were given something precious.  Life.  A Miracle, another shot at life and that should be counted as a blessing from God. 

Charlize is now a healthy girl with beautiful heart, soul, and smart.   She is a High Honor Student and awarded by President Trump when she graduated in 6th Grade the President's Education Award  Program for Outstanding Academic Excellence.  She is now #1 Rank out of 659  students in her Junior High School.  Michelle and Alby are very proud parents.  They shower her with gifts,  —and most of all — Love, and teaching her to be the best she can be, a great contribution for the future generations.

                                                                                                  Laguna Beach Cove Cave in 2010

                                                           Michelle and Charlize on  February 21, 2018 at a local high school after her school concert.

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