We have plenty to be thankful for...  This year has been the busiest and tiring time of our lives. :)  .  We don't think we ever worked this hard, but it's been a great year for us.  We  moved over the summer.   It was an exciting and frustrating move since we had movers, who tried to rip us off and had to look for another.  It's amazing how people tries  to take advantage of  others.  We have so much things mostly clothes, shoes, electronics and just a few furniture.  We bought most of our furniture here after moving in to our new place.  We can't imagine how much difficult it would have been if we had more.  It took two day trips just to get things over to our new place.  We are  just grateful that we did not lose things, although we had some priceless and sentimental items that were broken; but   we got to our destination safely, so we  thank God for getting us  there without any trouble.    It's been more than three months and we  are still unpacking and organizing. :)  Just too much stuff most especially our daughter's toys (giggles)...  Alby spoils her and that's how he shows how much  he cares for her :).  We are very blessed to have one another.  We still haven't really enjoyed our new city and explore around, since we are still trying to take care of things at home.   But we just love the nature...  It's great to breathe fresh air and no smog and just clear blue sky and mountains all around.  It's nice to live close to the edge of the mountain. We just love seeing the clouds on top of the mountain. :)  We feel more relaxed and at ease now.  We are looking forward to the Holiday Season...  Thank you to all our friends, fans, and family for always supporting us and thank you for sharing our music.  Spread the love...  Remember to tell everyone you care about to get "Reflections of Love Album" by Michelle Metevier. :)   Happy Thanksgiving!!!  #LoveandPeace #Peace #Love #ReflectionsofLove #MichelleMetevier 


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